Categories Intelligence

Enable businesses with insights pertaining to their industry and market “KNOW-HOW”.

Consulting Services

Advice businesses with actionable POVs and recommendations to optimize their decision.

Benchmark Services

Provides Suppliers/ Competitors/ Products/ Services/ Pricing Analysis, Discernment, Validation and Bench marking Parameters.

Sales Support

Understand target customers, assess their profile and comprehend their unmet needs/pain-points.


I-nabler, a business research and sourcing intelligence firm, provides insights research services to businesses across industry. We act as an extension of your marketing and sourcing office, offering market intelligence and assist clients in formulizing business decisions.


Our Speciality

Our focus is primarily on industries seeing sweeping changes due to shifts in global market trends, supply chains taking a pivotal role in business discussion, and technologies being the core of the business operation. Most businesses will be tech-driven, irrespective of their industry, and our focus will be to enable decision-makers to optimize the opportunity.

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